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Le gare che concorrono a formare la prima edizione del circuito T.M.C. sono:

26. May  DON CESARE TRAIL - Borgo Valsugana -

30. June  MADDALENE SKY RACE - Rumo -

20. July  LAGORAI MOUNTAIN RACE – Bedollo -
4. August  VIGOLANA THE RACE - Vigolo Vattaro -

15. September  LATEMAR MOUNTAIN RACE – Pampeago

6. October  COSTALTA EXPERIENCE – Baselga di Pinè -


To compete in the circuit it is necessary to finish and obtain classifications at least in four of these races.

Each competitor acknowledges that the races require physical and technical effort. For participation in the races of the T.M.C. it is mandatory to be in possession of a sports medical certificate valid on the date of the events. The competitor also relieves the organizers of any civil and criminal liability for damage to people, things or animals that could occur before, during or after the events and in any case in relation to them.

For participation in the T.M.C. the competitors must comply with the regulations and provisions of the race directions of each individual event including any changes to routes, times, etc ...

In the case of an accident, competitors are required to provide mutual assistance by promptly notifying the organizers of the incident. Furthermore, each competitor undertakes to maintain a behavior that respects the environment and nature during the individual events. 


Each participant expressly renounces to advance image rights during, before and after each round of the circuit. Photos and videos may be used for documentation, promotion and advertising initiatives.
The data collected during the registration for the individual races may be used by the Organization of the T.M.C. Circuit. for sending informative material.

Individual rankings will be drawn up for the female and male categories by adding up the scores obtained with participation in the individual races, the attribution of scores in the single event for the purposes of the general classification is as follows:
-1st classified 100 points
-2nd classified 90 points
-3rd classified 82 points
-4th classified 77 points
-5th classified 74 points
-6th classified 72 points
-7th classified 70 points
-8th classified 68 points
-9th classified 66 points
-From 10th to 64th classified, decreasing by 1 point up to 11
-From 65th place onwards 10 points
The score is assigned to the competitors who have successfully completed the race. The ranking will be made available on the social channels of the T.M.C. circuit. In the event of a tie between two or more athletes in the final classification, priority will be given to the younger athlete.

The award ceremony of the T.M.C. circuit will be held at the end of the last race of the circuit: Latemar Mountain Race on 10 September 2023. The first 3 competitors in the male and female classification of the T.M.C. circuit will be awarded, furthermore all the competitors who carry out all the tests on the circuit will be given a participation gadgets. Prizes will be awarded only to the athletes present at the time of the prize-giving ceremony.

Each participant in the T.M.C. accepts and undertakes to respect the regulation indicated here and that of the individual events that make up the circuit. Breaking the single regulation involves the automatic exclusion of the athlete from the final classification of the circuit.



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